"This stuff called failure, this stuff, this debris of historical trauma, family trauma, you know, stuff that can kill your spirit, is actually raw material to make things with...You can use those materials to build a bridge over that which would destroy you."

- Joy Harjo

Kelsey McMurray, LPCintern MA NCC

Supervised by Karen Hixson PhD LPC

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​Understory Counseling is currently closed and is not taking clients. 

Kelsey McMurray


   Understory Counseling is a practice is rooted in the belief that deeper healing is possible when we pay attention to the stories we believe about ourselves and our place in the world.
These internal and interpersonal stories have been forged through our relationships, our values, our fears, our beliefs, and the influence of social oppression and/or privilege throughout our lives. By fully identifying what forces have been controlling our narrative, we then have the power to make room for the many other stories of our lives that were once hidden. Such work can be transformational for how we experience ourselves and our world. 

My Focus in Our Work

Co-exploring how you understand your identities, your relationships, and your worldview.

Offering validation and emotional support as you experience difficulties and pain as well as joy and pride throughout this journey.

Questioning and breaking down cultural messages and oppressive beliefs.

Co-creating ways to identify and resist forces like racism, white supremacy, sexism, transphobia, homophobia, body policing, ableism, microaggressions, and many other violent forms of oppression, both internalized and external. 

Engaging in dialogue around privilege and power while unpacking how these things negatively impact both of us and others.

Holding space and meeting you wherever you are within the struggle you're currently experiencing.

To engage in therapy is an act of liberation,

and I am committed to working with you as you liberate yourself.


UnderStory Counseling

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