Kelsey McMurray LPC-Intern NCC

Supervised by: Karen Hixson PhD LPC

Understory Counseling works from an anti-oppression, Narrative Therapy approach aimed at deconstructing and questioning the forces that work to harm, isolate, and silence us.

I believe relationships make us who we are.

From birth, the majority of us are relational beings linked to people, communities, cultures, history, emotions, and many other forces. Sometimes the relationships we engage in with specific forces can create suffering inside of ourselves, limiting how we see who we are and the possibilities of our lives. Yet some relationships can aid us in healing that suffering.


In counseling, we have the ability to make a relationship that can support, challenge, protect, and hold space for the unfolding of how you know yourself. 

Hi, I'm Kelsey McMurray,

the therapist behind Understory Counseling.


I'm so glad you're here.

Just to let you know a bit more about me, I identify as a white, queer, fat, non-binary femme. I use she/her and they/them pronouns. I'm deep into tarot and my own self-rooted spirituality. I'm writing a novel, I draw regularly as self-care, and I love exploring nature.

Being a therapist allows me the privilege of getting to know my clients in intimately beautiful ways while supporting them in their process of growth; it is work that often nourishes my soul.

I am deeply grateful to join you on your path whenever you are ready. 

Understory Counseling may be the right fit for you, if the challenges you're experiencing are impacted by:

  • Sizeism, body policing, & fatphobia;  internalized as well as cultural.

  • Classism and struggles of class that intersect with other forms of oppression.

  • Being a white person attempting to move toward anti-racism and understanding white supremacy inside you.

  • Transphobia & trans-misogyny

  • The gender binary & how gender is policed/performed

  • Violence against/control of femmes & feminine people.

  • Ableism in all of its invisible and culturally perpetuated forms.

  • Homophobia & homonormativity

  • Anti-polyamorous and monogamy-centric forces

  • Microaggressions 

  •  Intersections between all of your social identities and other issues you're facing.


UnderStory Counseling

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