The Letter Writing Exchange is an experiential learning opportunity for therapists looking to become more familiar with a narrative therapy-style letter writing practice; as well as offering a unique and impactful way to explore consultation through peer-to-peer written conversation.

The Letter Writing Exchange can be joined by contacting Kelsey at

Once contacted, Kelsey will send you her online workshop covering the practice of narrative therapy- style letter writing. This workshop will give a brief overview of narrative therapy, the key aspects of letter writing for this practice, and an outline of how the experiential component of the exchange will work. After completing the course, you will write and send your initial letter for Kelsey to respond to. Responses will be mailed within 3 business days of receiving your letter (and payment when purchasing follow up letters).

Fees & Information:

$100 for initial course and letter

$20 per each additional letter

 Initial payment will be due before access to workshop is given, additional payments will be required before response letters are mailed. All letters will be handwritten and sent through the US Postal Service. Typed letters are available upon request. Letter writing consultation without the initial course is available for $45/1st letter and $25/additional letters. 

The Letter Writing Exchange can be used as a tool to support conceptualizing your therapeutic work, exploring professional issues such as imposture syndrome or burn out, a first step in unpacking internalized or learned oppression impacting your work, and much more. 

Clinicians who join the Exchange learn the practical skills of letter writing while also gaining support and care for some of the most vulnerable parts of being a therapist.

Kelsey has been trained by the Vancouver School of Narrative Therapy and has utilized letters as notes with each of her clients for over three years. Letter writing is one of her favorite aspects of her work and she is deeply invested in sharing this powerful skill with her colleagues.

In-Person Rate
45 minute consultation: $85
Phone Rate
30 minute consultation: $55

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