Kelsey McMurray LPC-Intern NCC

Supervised by: Karen Hixson PhD LPC

Beginning therapy can be a stressful process.

Here are some things to know before we meet.

I am also nervous and excited about getting to know someone new when we first meet. Nervousness is common in situations like this. 

   My intention with first meetings is to let us get to know each other and to determine if our dynamic would be beneficial for you and your process. If we decide that we would like to work together and that I am well-suited to support you in your lived experiences, then we will make a plan for our second meeting. Typically initial meetings last about 20-30 minutes.

If we decide to work together, please know that my standard fee is $95 per 75 minute meeting. I do offer a sliding scale ranging from $60-95 with a limited number of spots available for lower pricing. If you have questions about this we can address them during our initial free, 30 minute meeting. 

I prefer to document our meetings in the form of written letters. Once we begin our counseling work together, I will write you a letter after each meeting which you will choose to have delivered to you through the US mail or given to you at the beginning of our next meeting. We will discuss this element of working together in our second session.

During our second meeting, after we finish the paperwork, we will be free to talk about whatever you want. This is how we begin to figure stuff out together. Counseling is a team effort. We will collaborate and try things out as we go. Want to incorporate yoga? Coloring? Shaking our bodies out? Silence? Goofy voices? Let's try it. Therapy doesn't always have to be serious; sometimes silliness helps us get comfortable so seriousness will be easier when you're ready. Sometimes playfulness is healing in itself. This is ours to play with and explore.


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